2015, and it’s a wrap! ! It’s been a beautiful journey. Especially the last quarter. So much growth this year! Incredible!
Here’s a look back on my favourite outfits this year!! ❤

Movie date ❤
The slitted jerseys were huge this year! I liked that it was a turtle neck. Paired it with black jeggings and boots. The fringe did me justice. If i must say so myself. Lol. Love!



White was still trending two years in a row. 2014 and 2015. I wore this outfit to a test i swore i wouldn’t get anything below an A!  Gold and white is such a good match together. Let’s just say i brought my A game and got my A!


Lunch date! Definitely one of my favs!

The braids, headwrap, high waisted jeans? Beautiful!  Paired my outfit with very comfy loafers. I liked that it had a 90s vibe to it. Love!


Another lunch date! Yes i enjoy eating out. LOL.

Oh my! I was in love with this outfit!   Yes to the dress and shoes!  I loved shift dresses this year. And how different you could pair them. Grey was big this year too.


This outfit is also on this list of my favs! The curls and head wrap is what i was obsessed with. Strappy sandals were so in this year. So why not! Throw a little all black and you’re good!


Date night! I remember stressing about what to wear.Luckily i found an outfit just in time. The outfit was made complete by my throw over jersey.  The complete look? Obsessed!  Definitely one of my favs.


East Park fashion show. Also one of my favs! Hats, strappy sandals, slits, chokers. Hello you summertime fine thing! Lol. Love!


I liked like liked this outfit!! Everything was paired right! However, this was an accidental outfit. If there’s such a thing. Lol. I was obsessed!


A little red number!  Wore this to a meeting. Might be my favourite actually.  After my meeting i attended a class. And my lecturer literally asked my classmates if they had complimented me! She too was obsessed!  Like! Like! Like!



Off the shoulders were huge! Paired mine with a leather skirt, gold choker and barely there sandals! Hair pushed back to complete the classy look. Fav!


Turtle necks and Tutu’s paired with blocked slip in sandals, which were soooo in!! Obviously this outfit had to be on my list! Love! Love!

That’s it loves! That was my 2015 style story.

I’m so excited for 2016, i definitely want to be more daring. I also definitely don’t want to limit myself. You know with fashion… Whatever works!!!

Hopefully 2016 will be a year of timeless fashion and style trends!

Thanks for reading!

Happy holidays!!!




Q&A with Stephanie Chibwe :Zambia’s style icon


Stephanie Chibwe is one of the most fashionable local personalities. She is definitely one of Zambia’s best dressed women. Her name screams style, glamour, class and high end fashion. And many of us including myself wonder how she does it! Her sense of style is beyond admirable.
I was lucky to chat with the ever stylish and lovely Stephanie Chibwe.
Here’s a Q and A. Enjoy! ❤


Q. Who is Stephanie Chibwe?
A. Well, i never knew how to answer this because with each new day, comes new grace to be a better you.
Q. Le Closet is such a gorgeous store. How did it all start?
A. My sister and I practically breath fashion, so it explains why we turned our passion into a business.
Q. What are some of the challenges you’ve had to face in establishing your store?
A. It’s always the dollar rate that’s a challenge, once it plummets then your business faces serious obstructions.
Q.Who is your target market?
A. We sell mainly haute couture, so any woman that has a high end fashion sense.
Q. Have you always been into fashion? 
A.Well, I’m a lover of all things fashion LOL.
Q. When it comes to your style, who inspires you?
A. My inspiration always comes from my mood on that particular day.
Q.What’s your go to outfit/ideal outfit?
A. My go to outfit has to be denim on denim or anything black.
Q. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?
A. Well, I’m quite diverse when it comes to fashion. So i don’t really restrict my fashion sense.
Q. Who’s wardrobe would you raid?
A. Carrie Bradshaw

Q. Favourite quote? 

A. Be the change you wish to see

Q. Lastly, the cliché question. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A. Healthy, successful and more God fearing.


Hope you enjoyed this QnA, so if you’re a lover of fashion, pop up at her store, Le Closet boutique at East Park mall, very beautiful pieces!  xx!