Church & Conservative Trends


Dressing for Church has been quite a struggle for me for some time.  No lie.
I always felt restricted, like should i wear sneakers?( LOL as if my mum would let me) Is this a little too short? And all those struggles most girls go through dressing up for church. ( Well, unless your church isn’t so big on clothes, and you don’t get funny stares, then you’re good). Not that my Church is strict. I just you know…. Feel shy. LOL


The thing is I like to look cute and fashionable (no brainer).  So, i found a way of wearing   ” conservative trends” (the safe trends).


The off- the -shoulder top and pleated skirt is a perfect example of a conservative trend. Off the shoulders(tops, dresses) are sooo on trend and I’m obsessed! Very actually. 
The pleated skirts are so in fash too, simple and cute,  definitely a must have.

It’s possible to look fashionable everywhere! 
So if you’re struggling with a Church outfit?  Hope you can get a little inspiration and play around with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Love you for reading! xx



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