Long time no blog..

Been quite busy with school,  I’m finally completing.  yay! 

Anyway,  so I decided to blog about my fav jumpsuit. 

Well, might be the only one I’m left with now,  because my young sister happened LOL. (love you Tem Tem) 

I thrifted this gorgeous jumpsuit some time last year. And i kinda forgot about it.

It was love at first sight,  uhm, well not really,  Because it had raffles on the hands and around the waist. A little odd trust. 

I decided to cut out the irrelevant raffles.

I didn’t want to look busy, coz it’s an off the shoulder and has a cut out. Then i must add raffles??!!  It’s a no from me. 

Ain’t nobody tryna look like boo boo the fool. 

The end result was such a clean cut jumpsuit.  Perfect fit, and colour. 

And indeed trendy..

For this look, I paired my jumpsuit with my gorgeous barely sandals, that i got from Edgars. Tied my hair up to show face, and of course a classic red lip. 

P.s don’t be a lazy “thrifter”

Some of these pieces need just a little adjustment. And voil√†! You have yourself a beautiful outfit. 

Love you for reading xx!