Honey Mustard

Talk about chic! An Oversized style blazer and short shorts? A definite yes!

So I had this outfit made  a while ago, just never had a chance to wear it. Okay, if I’m being frank,  I have the exact outfit in red. LOL, I’m one of those people who tend to purchase the same things in different colours. (No shame in my game.) Really.

I’m obsessed with this look because it’s sexy, quite edgy and I feel like power in it. Love it! 

The oversized blazer is my favorite trend, currently. It reminds me of the 80’s and 90’s era.  And if you know me, you know my love for everything 90’s. 

For this look, I wanted a bold colour, but not too loud. So the “honey mustard” was perfect. 

An added advantage of oversized jackets is that they can be paired with almost any and everything, making it a must have piece. You’d never lack in the style department.

P.s You can always accessorize for that extra glam. 

Love you for reading x!



Hey loves!

I know, I know. It’s been forever. Sorry.

(writers block). I appreciate my consistent readers who’ve been asking why I haven’t been active. You keep me going. Thanks for pushing the girl. Really. I’ll try my best to create more content. Promise.

Sooo, anyway this particular outfit was made 2 years ago. Yup! I had it made specifically for Zambia Fashion Week 2016. But my tailor only finished making it way after! No surprise here, we all know tailors. Sorta haven’t forgiven him, I mean, his Facebook friend request is still pending! LOL.

African Print (Chitenge) has been in fash for the longest time! I’m just glad we are experimenting with the fabric now. Because at some point it was such an eye roll. I mean, same patterns. Talk about inducing a headache! And as the saying goes “trendy is the last stage before tacky”

I’m super glad we are being super creative with the fabric. And when done right? Beautiful!

Never really worn this two piece. I’ve worn the top before though. I wore it on a different skirt when I was a guest speaker at last year’s Fashion Day Out Event . Talking about ” how to look good in local fashion” so fitting for the occasion. As for the skirt I wore it at my cousins Bridal shower late last year. And I had to tell my mum my skirt had a high slit in advance just incase I get the lecture of my life LOL, thank goodness for a cool mum!

I like the versatility of this two piece, I can wear it as it is, pair the skirt with something else or wear the top on pants or skirt… whatever it may be. A win!

For this look I decided to wear this belt I’ve had for years to give it more life. Because, *yawn* and I wore it with a pair of nude barely there sandals that I have abused unashamedly. These were a birthday gift from a friend. A legit store find.

Do you have a killer Chitenge outfit? If not, I’d encourage you to. Worth it. Also, play with colours, different prints and styles. For beautiful fabric try the shop Safique found in Kamwala. It’s the “fabric holy grail” .  I always get my material from there. So! Enjoy your outfit. It’s yours! No rules really. Well sorta.

Love you for reading!