Let’s just blame “adulting” for this long writer’s block. Erm, correction, writer’s burnout.  Cool? I am back now, that’s all that matters. Promise to be more consistent and disciplined.

Soooo, lady’s looks lately?

Here goes:


Wrap anything were so popular couple of years ago and they are totally in right now.  No surprise there. Fashion, really is just a never ending cycle.  I should probably keep my clothes well for my future kids LOL.

I’m currently obsessing over them for so many reasons, for starters they are so easy to wear, hello!  Life’s busy and any convenience even when it comes down to wardrobe?  Aha honey! Also, they are super cute and girly. I feel as if that should have been my first reason LOL. You can also dress them up and down.  A super win! Pair it with a cute polo neck (neutral colour is the best bet) or a little croppy and you are good to go. Wore mine with wide sleeves and an open back top and mustard chunky mules to add some style sass.  All so fabulous!




IMG_2548 (1)


I always have the urge to buy wrap dresses. I genuinely cannot get enough. I guess I’m “wrap obsessed?” Is that a thing? I love wrap dresses for the very reasons I like wrap skirts. Personally, I enjoy the dresses more only because it’s a complete outfit. No stress of looking for the perfect shirt or top.  Really ready to wear and go type of clothing.


IMG_2582 (1)


IMG_2596 (1)

IMG_2583 (1).jpg


A bang on trend currently! Every stylish woman I know owns one. Pleats are a timeless classic and I love that they are back.  Love the versatility. You can wear one at work (which I do, sometimes) the compliments I get? I can live off that. LOL.  No, seriously. The skirt is also perfect for an evening out, throw on a fabulous pair of heels and a gorgeous top and voila! You are STYLE!

Also, is there anything as pleasant as the way a pleated looks when it moves? These are going to be huge in 2019. So, get on it!








These scream Carrie Bradshaw!

Carrie Bradshaw isn’t just a TV character, she’s a contemporary archetype for writing women and fashion loving women- and her presence has real power and influence.

She wears a ruffle skirt in the cold opening of the TV Series – Sex and the City. (Which I watch religiously now that I’m older.)

Ruffle skirts are super on trend, stylish and super easy to wear, but just be careful with how you match your tops. Try to stick to minimalism. Yes, you should never overdo with ruffles. Balance your look by wearing a simple top/shirt.

I paired my pastel pink ruffle skirt with a neutral colour. It’s the perfect balance.




IMG_2465 (1)


Never, ever, ever, running out of style!

Well I hope not. Mom jeans are a no brainer- when it comes to the combination of style and comfort. They are so versatile. You can literally wear them with almost any and everything and still look stylish.

Paired mine with this really cool grey t shirt and a pair of red boots for a complete chic look.

Love, love this casual outfit!






Love you for reading! x

P.S Major announcement, I’m now selling really cute clothing. So, basically the answer to “Taonga” where do you get your stuff is……. *drum roll* from ME! Please look out for that on my socials. I am more than delighted to deliver the latest trends and all the stylish clothing. Excited actually!








Casual coolness

If you ever wonder what comfort is? Casual clothes! Promise.

It’s not everyday heels & pretty dresses..  Also, I’m a very casual girl. Generally. If you meet me, I’ll probably be in a dress with brogues, or jeans and sneakers. Very laid back.

Anyway, I wore this look for an interview I did last week Friday with Siphiwe Mphanza, which was fun.  We talked about Fashion, which is a love of mine, blogging, brands I’d like to work with and everything in between. I’ll probably let you know when it will be aired on Tv and you can watch me do the “thang, thang” that’s if you’re keen.

For this look, everything is from everywhere, Smh. No shame in my game. The white shirt is from Mr Price, waist coat fur jacket is a thrift find.( Northmead), jeans are from Mud boutique. And my Chelsea boots are from The fix. I finished the look with a pair of sunglasses which I purchased from Legit. 

Also, ladies if you want bomb bangs, Ruth and Ritas hair salon is your go to place. (Northmead). Your hair will be laaiidddd. No doubt. You’re welcome. 

Love you for reading x! 

Honey Mustard

Talk about chic! An Oversized style blazer and short shorts? A definite yes!

So I had this outfit made  a while ago, just never had a chance to wear it. Okay, if I’m being frank,  I have the exact outfit in red. LOL, I’m one of those people who tend to purchase the same things in different colours. (No shame in my game.) Really.

I’m obsessed with this look because it’s sexy, quite edgy and I feel like power in it. Love it! 

The oversized blazer is my favorite trend, currently. It reminds me of the 80’s and 90’s era.  And if you know me, you know my love for everything 90’s. 

For this look, I wanted a bold colour, but not too loud. So the “honey mustard” was perfect. 

An added advantage of oversized jackets is that they can be paired with almost any and everything, making it a must have piece. You’d never lack in the style department.

P.s You can always accessorize for that extra glam. 

Love you for reading x!


Hey loves!

I know, I know. It’s been forever. Sorry.

(writers block). I appreciate my consistent readers who’ve been asking why I haven’t been active. You keep me going. Thanks for pushing the girl. Really. I’ll try my best to create more content. Promise.

Sooo, anyway this particular outfit was made 2 years ago. Yup! I had it made specifically for Zambia Fashion Week 2016. But my tailor only finished making it way after! No surprise here, we all know tailors. Sorta haven’t forgiven him, I mean, his Facebook friend request is still pending! LOL.

African Print (Chitenge) has been in fash for the longest time! I’m just glad we are experimenting with the fabric now. Because at some point it was such an eye roll. I mean, same patterns. Talk about inducing a headache! And as the saying goes “trendy is the last stage before tacky”

I’m super glad we are being super creative with the fabric. And when done right? Beautiful!

Never really worn this two piece. I’ve worn the top before though. I wore it on a different skirt when I was a guest speaker at last year’s Fashion Day Out Event . Talking about ” how to look good in local fashion” so fitting for the occasion. As for the skirt I wore it at my cousins Bridal shower late last year. And I had to tell my mum my skirt had a high slit in advance just incase I get the lecture of my life LOL, thank goodness for a cool mum!

I like the versatility of this two piece, I can wear it as it is, pair the skirt with something else or wear the top on pants or skirt… whatever it may be. A win!

For this look I decided to wear this belt I’ve had for years to give it more life. Because, *yawn* and I wore it with a pair of nude barely there sandals that I have abused unashamedly. These were a birthday gift from a friend. A legit store find.

Do you have a killer Chitenge outfit? If not, I’d encourage you to. Worth it. Also, play with colours, different prints and styles. For beautiful fabric try the shop Safique found in Kamwala. It’s the “fabric holy grail” .  I always get my material from there. So! Enjoy your outfit. It’s yours! No rules really. Well sorta.

Love you for reading!


Sassy in a little white dress..,

We all love a Little black dress(lbd).  But, Voila! can we say Hallelujah to the Little White Dress???  (Lwd)

It’s efinitely a closet staple. Just as you know that having a Lbd is a girl must have , consider owning a little white dress too! 

It’s a clean statement piece, it’s a symbol of luxe and it’s super glam too! 

Don’t get me started on how expensive you look. LOL

I specifically love this lwd because of its split detail. Split details are so on trend, and they add a little VA VA voom ! I’m obsessed! Like… totally.

I paired my lwd with my new fav pair of barely there heels and  this beautiful faux fur coat  just to look head to toe Sassy!

Don’t just have a little black dress, step up and get you a little white dress too! Trust me , it’s just as handy as the lbd. Maybe this one is even better, you tell me..Personally, the lwd does it for me.

I loooove this look ❤

So, be Sassy in a little White dress. 

Love you for reading xx!

A little Burgundy Love!

Hey guys!

Let’s get right into it. Creating this look was as effortless as it looks. I wore two basic staples every girl should have; a good pair of jeans and a white top. Really, they are a must have. Jeans are so versatile, and I love love this pair here. Probably my favorite, but with this little weight gain errr… I will need to re consider LOL.

So, to not look so basic I wore my burgundy ankle booties, which I’m obsessed with! 

I wore this gorgeous jacket which I recently got from my mum. I was annoyed she had it all this time, and I never ever saw it! LOL. Anyway I’m glad she gave it to me without a debate. Shocker there.  

I like how it adds some drama and glamour to the outfit…ooh did you see what I just did there LOL.

And to complete this look I wore this black hat I haven’t worn in edges! It has reshaped, but glad it still looked good on the outfit. 

This is such an effortlessly chic outfit. And I love it! It’s also very comfortable  easy to wear too.

 To get this look, you need  your basic staples ; a good pair of jeans and a white shirt. And throw over a statement jacket for some glam. A pair of booties and of course a hat! You could re create this look too! Even cooler. With Fashion allow your creative side. It never should be a bore!
But remember, Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.!Said the great Coco Chanel.

Outfit dets: hat & jeans- thrifted

                       White top & ankle boots- The                         fix

                        Jacket- my mum’s wardrobe

Love you for reading xx!

Palazzo Possesed!

Hey Guys!

Sorry! long time no blog, a lot has been happening in my life. I graduated! Yay!  And I’m trying out this adulting thing which can be a little overwhelming , And cute sometimes. 

Anywaaaay, that’s far from the point. PALAZZO POSSESSED?! Yes please.

Palazzo pants are simply wide leg pants which were popular in the 60’s and 70’s era. And  are now so on trend. I’m a little obsessed!

They are super comfy, easy to wear, and super chic. Did I mention they are on trend?

 And I enjoy the little confusion from people, like are you wearing a skir…Ohh! Pants. And I usually just smile smugly LOL

I’ve been buying a lot of palazzo pants lately. But these black and white striped ones, I must confess are my absolute Fav! Been dying to have a chance to wear them. So I just decided to blog. I actually should have done it earlier. *eye roll*

I particularly like these because I can do a “colour trio”. Without looking extra. So I paired the black and white striped pants with a little red top. And created a “clean colour trio”. Black, white and red. Because nobody is out here trying to look a mess. 

So,Don’t have Palazzo pants yet? I suggest you get a pair. Trust, they are effortlessly classy and easy to wear and super chiiiccc!!! Here’s to being Palazzo possessed, Right?! 


Long time no blog..

Been quite busy with school,  I’m finally completing.  yay! 

Anyway,  so I decided to blog about my fav jumpsuit. 

Well, might be the only one I’m left with now,  because my young sister happened LOL. (love you Tem Tem) 

I thrifted this gorgeous jumpsuit some time last year. And i kinda forgot about it.

It was love at first sight,  uhm, well not really,  Because it had raffles on the hands and around the waist. A little odd trust. 

I decided to cut out the irrelevant raffles.

I didn’t want to look busy, coz it’s an off the shoulder and has a cut out. Then i must add raffles??!!  It’s a no from me. 

Ain’t nobody tryna look like boo boo the fool. 

The end result was such a clean cut jumpsuit.  Perfect fit, and colour. 

And indeed trendy..

For this look, I paired my jumpsuit with my gorgeous barely sandals, that i got from Edgars. Tied my hair up to show face, and of course a classic red lip. 

P.s don’t be a lazy “thrifter”

Some of these pieces need just a little adjustment. And voilà! You have yourself a beautiful outfit. 

Love you for reading xx!

Church & Conservative Trends


Dressing for Church has been quite a struggle for me for some time.  No lie.
I always felt restricted, like should i wear sneakers?( LOL as if my mum would let me) Is this a little too short? And all those struggles most girls go through dressing up for church. ( Well, unless your church isn’t so big on clothes, and you don’t get funny stares, then you’re good). Not that my Church is strict. I just you know…. Feel shy. LOL


The thing is I like to look cute and fashionable (no brainer).  So, i found a way of wearing   ” conservative trends” (the safe trends).


The off- the -shoulder top and pleated skirt is a perfect example of a conservative trend. Off the shoulders(tops, dresses) are sooo on trend and I’m obsessed! Very actually. 
The pleated skirts are so in fash too, simple and cute,  definitely a must have.

It’s possible to look fashionable everywhere! 
So if you’re struggling with a Church outfit?  Hope you can get a little inspiration and play around with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Love you for reading! xx




The Lusaka wine show was held on the 10th &11th of June at the Radisson Blu hotel. It had a perfect sense of occasion. Which I loooooved!
Good ambiance and great live music by Maureen Lilanda which was just perfect for the occasion!


Learning about wine is a fascinating experience, full of new flavours, places and friends.


Wine tasting events are made to give enthusiasts an opportunity to sample a wide range of wines.


All wine lovers attended the event, with close to 80 wines to taste! And I’m glad I found a wine i loved (Christine Marie First Kiss) love, love, love!  Yes I had to taste a couple before I found the perfect one. LOL


I learnt that for wine tastings one size fits all ( you can be a beginner or an expert)


The Lusaka wine show was more like a party with wine tasters milling around informally and socialising.


For my outfit,  i decided to go casual.  A part of high waisted jeans,  black wide sleeve top ( totally sassy, and I blogged about it some time back) a wore a hat and i was good to go! 


I had such an incredible time and can’t wait for next year’s event! 



Good news is you can still buy your wine from The Wine Guys here in Lusaka our local distributors. Delivery in Lusaka is FREE!  How cool is that? 
Also,  you can buy using Airtel money.  Double cool.


You can contact the wine guys here :

Cell number: +26096 952 5137

Aaaaand I’m off to get myself a bottle of Christine Marie First Kiss. Yay! 

Love you for reading! xx