Sassy in a little white dress..,

We all love a Little black dress(lbd).  But, Voila! can we say Hallelujah to the Little White Dress???  (Lwd)

It’s efinitely a closet staple. Just as you know that having a Lbd is a girl must have , consider owning a little white dress too! 

It’s a clean statement piece, it’s a symbol of luxe and it’s super glam too! 

Don’t get me started on how expensive you look. LOL

I specifically love this lwd because of its split detail. Split details are so on trend, and they add a little VA VA voom ! I’m obsessed! Like… totally.

I paired my lwd with my new fav pair of barely there heels and  this beautiful faux fur coat  just to look head to toe Sassy!

Don’t just have a little black dress, step up and get you a little white dress too! Trust me , it’s just as handy as the lbd. Maybe this one is even better, you tell me..Personally, the lwd does it for me.

I loooove this look ❤

So, be Sassy in a little White dress. 

Love you for reading xx!


A little Burgundy Love!

Hey guys!

Let’s get right into it. Creating this look was as effortless as it looks. I wore two basic staples every girl should have; a good pair of jeans and a white top. Really, they are a must have. Jeans are so versatile, and I love love this pair here. Probably my favorite, but with this little weight gain errr… I will need to re consider LOL.

So, to not look so basic I wore my burgundy ankle booties, which I’m obsessed with! 

I wore this gorgeous jacket which I recently got from my mum. I was annoyed she had it all this time, and I never ever saw it! LOL. Anyway I’m glad she gave it to me without a debate. Shocker there.  

I like how it adds some drama and glamour to the outfit…ooh did you see what I just did there LOL.

And to complete this look I wore this black hat I haven’t worn in edges! It has reshaped, but glad it still looked good on the outfit. 

This is such an effortlessly chic outfit. And I love it! It’s also very comfortable  easy to wear too.

 To get this look, you need  your basic staples ; a good pair of jeans and a white shirt. And throw over a statement jacket for some glam. A pair of booties and of course a hat! You could re create this look too! Even cooler. With Fashion allow your creative side. It never should be a bore!
But remember, Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.!Said the great Coco Chanel.

Outfit dets: hat & jeans- thrifted

                       White top & ankle boots- The                         fix

                        Jacket- my mum’s wardrobe

Love you for reading xx!

Palazzo Possesed!

Hey Guys!

Sorry! long time no blog, a lot has been happening in my life. I graduated! Yay!  And I’m trying out this adulting thing which can be a little overwhelming , And cute sometimes. 

Anywaaaay, that’s far from the point. PALAZZO POSSESSED?! Yes please.

Palazzo pants are simply wide leg pants which were popular in the 60’s and 70’s era. And  are now so on trend. I’m a little obsessed!

They are super comfy, easy to wear, and super chic. Did I mention they are on trend?

 And I enjoy the little confusion from people, like are you wearing a skir…Ohh! Pants. And I usually just smile smugly LOL

I’ve been buying a lot of palazzo pants lately. But these black and white striped ones, I must confess are my absolute Fav! Been dying to have a chance to wear them. So I just decided to blog. I actually should have done it earlier. *eye roll*

I particularly like these because I can do a “colour trio”. Without looking extra. So I paired the black and white striped pants with a little red top. And created a “clean colour trio”. Black, white and red. Because nobody is out here trying to look a mess. 

So,Don’t have Palazzo pants yet? I suggest you get a pair. Trust, they are effortlessly classy and easy to wear and super chiiiccc!!! Here’s to being Palazzo possessed, Right?! 


Long time no blog..

Been quite busy with school,  I’m finally completing.  yay! 

Anyway,  so I decided to blog about my fav jumpsuit. 

Well, might be the only one I’m left with now,  because my young sister happened LOL. (love you Tem Tem) 

I thrifted this gorgeous jumpsuit some time last year. And i kinda forgot about it.

It was love at first sight,  uhm, well not really,  Because it had raffles on the hands and around the waist. A little odd trust. 

I decided to cut out the irrelevant raffles.

I didn’t want to look busy, coz it’s an off the shoulder and has a cut out. Then i must add raffles??!!  It’s a no from me. 

Ain’t nobody tryna look like boo boo the fool. 

The end result was such a clean cut jumpsuit.  Perfect fit, and colour. 

And indeed trendy..

For this look, I paired my jumpsuit with my gorgeous barely sandals, that i got from Edgars. Tied my hair up to show face, and of course a classic red lip. 

P.s don’t be a lazy “thrifter”

Some of these pieces need just a little adjustment. And voilà! You have yourself a beautiful outfit. 

Love you for reading xx!

Church & Conservative Trends


Dressing for Church has been quite a struggle for me for some time.  No lie.
I always felt restricted, like should i wear sneakers?( LOL as if my mum would let me) Is this a little too short? And all those struggles most girls go through dressing up for church. ( Well, unless your church isn’t so big on clothes, and you don’t get funny stares, then you’re good). Not that my Church is strict. I just you know…. Feel shy. LOL


The thing is I like to look cute and fashionable (no brainer).  So, i found a way of wearing   ” conservative trends” (the safe trends).


The off- the -shoulder top and pleated skirt is a perfect example of a conservative trend. Off the shoulders(tops, dresses) are sooo on trend and I’m obsessed! Very actually. 
The pleated skirts are so in fash too, simple and cute,  definitely a must have.

It’s possible to look fashionable everywhere! 
So if you’re struggling with a Church outfit?  Hope you can get a little inspiration and play around with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Love you for reading! xx




The Lusaka wine show was held on the 10th &11th of June at the Radisson Blu hotel. It had a perfect sense of occasion. Which I loooooved!
Good ambiance and great live music by Maureen Lilanda which was just perfect for the occasion!


Learning about wine is a fascinating experience, full of new flavours, places and friends.


Wine tasting events are made to give enthusiasts an opportunity to sample a wide range of wines.


All wine lovers attended the event, with close to 80 wines to taste! And I’m glad I found a wine i loved (Christine Marie First Kiss) love, love, love!  Yes I had to taste a couple before I found the perfect one. LOL


I learnt that for wine tastings one size fits all ( you can be a beginner or an expert)


The Lusaka wine show was more like a party with wine tasters milling around informally and socialising.


For my outfit,  i decided to go casual.  A part of high waisted jeans,  black wide sleeve top ( totally sassy, and I blogged about it some time back) a wore a hat and i was good to go! 


I had such an incredible time and can’t wait for next year’s event! 



Good news is you can still buy your wine from The Wine Guys here in Lusaka our local distributors. Delivery in Lusaka is FREE!  How cool is that? 
Also,  you can buy using Airtel money.  Double cool.


You can contact the wine guys here :

Cell number: +26096 952 5137

Aaaaand I’m off to get myself a bottle of Christine Marie First Kiss. Yay! 

Love you for reading! xx



I am soooo obsessed with the 90’s! I’ve probably said or is it written about it a thousand times! 
But yes, the music & fashion??  Love, love!
My outfit was inspired by the 90’s.
Over sized sweater, converse sneakers,  and blue high waisted jeans.
Very simple to put together. Trust! 
The secret is to wear colours that compliment each other,  with every outfit actually. ( btw that’s how clothes  look expensive lol)


I decided to wear a light hue for my sweater, blue jeans and white converse sneakers,  every single piece and colour was intentional, calculated, and that’s what power dressing is about.!
And to add a little 90’s vibe to the outfit,   i had to tuck my sweater in my jeans. And voila!  There you have a 90’s inspired outfit. So simple! 

Love you for reading xx!


Lessons from #brandwoman2016 Conference


I was beyond honoured to be a part of such an incredible experience.  I was definitely experiencing an out- of- body experience.  To be surrounded with phenomenonal women,  and most importantly to be hearing their stories and learning from them was beyond beautiful and inspiring!  A big thank you to African Sunsets event for organising such an event. Everything was perfect!  And i commend you for a job well done.
Brandwoman was held at Intercontinental hotel on the 2nd of June 2016. 
These are some of the lessons learnt from #brandwoman2016 :

Mulenga Kapwepwe (Chairman at National arts council of Zambia)
Branding is a Journey of Authenticity :
It makes the whole of you; the way you talk, your hair,  the way you dress etc
Brands are sprung from what you believe in. If you must create a brand, it must come from who you are. 
We are all unique, we have our own stories. And that is the basis of your authenticity.
Self branding is a Journey,  and a public commitment.

Kim Otteby ( M.D at Umoyo)
Success is gradual. We all have a supreme destiny. And it’s our job to feel that. If ever you feel uneasy? It’s a que to move in the right direction. 
And if you’re in a detour, be still. Reconnect with yourself, and always ask yourself what the next RIGHT move is.
Always focus on what you’re good at. Focus on yourself and move forward. 

Jacqueline Kaluba
Know your vision and purpose of branding. Always have a vision and timeline.  Be very honest and of integrity.  Also, learn to tell your stories.
You have to always network,  ask questions,  ask for feedback and listen.  Set yourself differently, and do not worry about your competition.
You leave your legacy by carrying people along.

Norena Chiteba(Founder of Kupes young women’s network)
A brand is what people say about you when you are not there.
Personal branding is about the inside too. Everyone wants to associate themselves with a good brand.
So be consistent,  be dependable,  be patient,  be relevant and be present. 

Lulu Hangaala – Wood (media personality,  Dagon Lady, pizza hut Zambia ambassador,  Samsung Zambia ambassador)
Always be aware of how you interact with people. Be concise and clear about what you want, your mission, your goal. And know who you want to work with.

Maureen Nkandu (Director, UN, Information Centre)
Always be sure of what you want to do, and why you are doing it.  It is a very competitive environment,  but challenges toughen you. Passion and drive will break down walls.
Always show relevance. Take any opportunity that will be of value.

Nomsa Mpofu Chabakale (Fashion stylist, Chic boutique) 
Power dressing:
Clothes represent you. How? By intention and context. Always dress the part. Power dressing is all about deeming your “negatives “.

Timothy Webster(American Speaker. Author and brand strategist)
There are 3 bodies that make up your brand.  These are:
1. Unseen dimension (values;internal)
2. Ambassador for your values
3. Your relationships

Hopefully you’ve learnt one or two things, i personally learnt a whole lot, and walked out as a different Taonga. The “unlocked” Taonga lol.  Hopefully you can take advantage of such events and be a part next time! Totally worth it. Special thankyou to Luyando Yoyo! The world needs more people like you! 
Oh! It wouldn’t be really me if i didn’t talk about my outfit, right?
So i decided to wear a mini black skirt, a red buttoned jacket for a statement,  and white turtle neck. For a classy finish,  i wore barely there’s and tied my hair. I loved every bit of my outfit, but loved what i learnt more! 

Thankyou for reading xx!




Up for an amazing time with great music and food whilst learning about the Zambian wildlife and habitats? Then please mark your calendar for this year’s Elefestival.
EleFest 2016 is about raising awareness for the conservation of Zambia’s wildlife.

On 14 th May 2016 , the herds will gather at the Lusaka Showgrounds to celebrate wildlife conservation in Zambia.  After the success of last year’s first EleFest, the 2016 festival line-up has expanded with exciting new international acts, including Mokoomba, an acclaimed Zimbabwean Afropop band currently touring the US. Mokoomba will share the stage with several household names of Zambian afrojazz and soul who are trumpeting their support for the conservation of Zambia’s wildlife including Maureen Lilanda, James Sakala and the Elect Band, Wezi Heartsound, Mumba Yachi and Kapiri Mposhi 4.0.


These ele-gends of the Zambian music scene are currently working on a surprise collaboration about our wonderful wildlife. How cool is that?!  All epic talents in their own right, never before have they sung together and all the more reason for this important cause of highlighting conservation in Zambia. A video will be shot on location in Zambia’s breathtaking wilderness of the collaborators performing their inspiring song together. Watch out for this spine-tingler live on stage at the EleFest! Sounds like your kind of party? Then please join us!!
Doors open at midday on Saturday 14 May at the Lusaka Gymkhana Club. Tickets will be on sale from 14 April at the Four Seasons Bistro and the Lusaka Gymkhana Club, Showgrounds. Pre-sale: K100. On the door: K150. Children under 12: Free.


5 Steps to Fabulous personal style!


1. Find your inspiration
Find a celebrity or anybody who you look up to in terms of fashion and style. It’s important because it gives you a clear understanding of what style you’re going for and helps you stay focused also prevents you from being a total fashion mess!
But please!  It should be a style you like,  that way it’s so much easier to translate the pieces and trends into a look you can wear.
I do it actually!  Alot. My motivation for my style is sorta 90’s. But mixed. The big hair, braids, jeans,  you name it!
I’m also inspired by every day people. I like to do what i call a “style onceover”
I basically “scan” through people’s outfits (quickly though because it can seem creepy lol). Yes but the point is i try find a piece /item that’s making the outfit. Or that i like. And i try recreate the look. I Dunno. My mind just does that.

2. Accessorise like a Pro!
Start with a blank canvas. (jeans &white tee). Then pile on jewellery that reflects your personality.
I am a “gold”girlie. I rarely, if ever do silver.
Boid costume jewellery makes a statement. While precious metals are understated.
Over doing the whole jewellery thing is tacky. Please don’t.

3. Don’t be a fashion slave!
There’s a huge difference between a fashionista and a fashion slave.
Always remember not everything is for you. (in all areas of life actually lol).
And fashion isn’t an exemption. No matter how great a trend is, put your body and flattering styles first.
Reminds me of how bummed i am that i can NEVER wear boyfriend jeans! LOL. (shame).
The point is to look fabulous and not funny. So please don’t over do or wear each and every trend. Especially this thing of wearing “trends” all in one outfit. Not cute.

4. Escape your comfort zone.
Don’t play safe with style,  it’s actually nice to play dress up! Try new pieces, you never know what might just work!
Sure we have ratty old leggings that we love and there’s no need to get rid of them right? 
But! Personal style means making an effort so live a little with style,  get killer pieces and have fun doing it!

5. Buy basics( with a twist) 
Always have core pieces ( a good pair of jeans, a jacket, white tees etc)
But once you know what you love. Buy a new version of your staples/basics except upgraded ones!
That way you keep your easy to wear clothes that are not a passé and are definitely on trend! Hello fancy Nancy!!

Outfit details:
Dress: thrifted
Jersey: taken from my mum’s closet.(think I’m keeping it lol)
Shoes: legit

Love you for reading xx!